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Private Events

Hold your next event at The Stoat!

Would you like to hold your next birthday party, team meeting, anniversary, etc at The Stoat? Contact us below! If you've got 20+ people attending please see below for more information on fully renting our space - these rules are in place to ensure the respectful use of our space and time!



*We require a refundable cash deposit at booking to cover the loss of regular business by being closed to the public. Purchases during a private event are expected to total $30/hr. If this threshold is not met then the remainder will be subtracted from the deposit. Ex: 3 hour event sales reach $50 in gross sales, the remaining $40 will be subtracted from the deposit and $35 cash will be returned (unless a Loss of Deposit situation also occurs)

1-3 hours @ $75

3-5 hours @ $125. 


Loss of deposit may occur if:

- The event is cancelled with less than 14 days notice

- Excessive damage occurs or excessive cleaning is required

- The party has to be removed from the premises 

- An underage person attempts to purchase or drink alcohol



-Setup and teardown costs: Any time allocated for you to set up or tear down decorations while we are closed to the public (or outside of our regular hours) will be billed at $20/hr to be pre-paid with the deposit. This is separate from the deposit.


General Rules: 

- Max indoor capacity is 25.

- Outdoor capacity is approximately 25 - this area is available weather permitting as it's uncovered and unheated. 

- No outside drinks of any kind are allowed. 

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