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The Full Story

104 E Stanley St. was originally built in the early 1900's and served as the "Corner Tavern" for over 100 years. During prohibition the "corner tavern" became a "soda shop", and local legend has it that liquor was still sold out of the back door during prohibition. Recently the building has gone through a few different types of businesses including an ice cream shop, a pet shop, and a motorcycle shop. In 2020 under new ownership the building went under its most extensive renovation, ultimately becoming Wildwood Yoga Studio. In 2022 the back was renovated to include The Stoat. 

Stoating About


The Stoat is an attempt to preserve the history of the building by once again selling alcohol out of the back door. The new architecture is inspired by various Pub's throughout Scotland with a strong emphasis on Biophilic Design. The name "The Stoat" comes from a old Scottish saying : "Stoating about". Stoating about refers to the act of getting together with friends for a night on the town. 

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